green rooster lighting

Industry Leading Technology
  • Highest micromole output
  • Highest frequency/most efficient
  • Controllable/Dimmable
  • Runs on 120-277V

what our customers are saying

  • “I was skeptical at first but my 1000 W DE Lamp from GR Lighting has outperformed all my previous lamps...noticeable difference in yield at a great value.”

    Bradley Goesh
  • “I've ran Gavita, Solistek, Agrolux, and now Green Rooster. The GR Lamp is far and away the best bang for your buck. I was surprised at how well it performed for the price. Great value and will buy again.”

    Jordan Pierce
  • “Fast shipping and discreet packaging!!”

    Satisfied Grower.
  • “Helpful customer service and the best deal on grow tents anywhere!”

    Satisfied Grower

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